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ZOLARIS Pharmaceutical Company

Our companies, having long-term experience in earth-moving engineering and consulting services started in 1985. Its area of expertise was the construction equipment designing, it’s testing, and implementation, engineering, and technology assistance during the construction of automotive roads and highways, railway roads, water dams, hydraulic-electro power plants, boring technologies, tunneling machines, and technologies. From 2007 we proceeded with the problems of soil stabilization issues jointly with manufacturers and distributing companies.
The company has affiliated companies or official representative in Slovakia, Belorussia, RF, Germany, Kazakhstan, and other countries. We have diversified businesses with companies in the USA, Russia, Middle Asia and the Middle East, Hungary, Ukraine, Georgia, and Hong Kong. Good communications with such companies as Caterpillar, Bobcat, Triton, Halliburton (USA), Swell X (UK), Kraiburg (GE), TechMont (Canada), PEMEX (Mexico), etc., which are very helpful for arranging specific equipment trading all over the world, especially with general construction equipment, special generators equipment, oil drilling, and oil refinery equipment, etc.

Road Alliance Group is a group of scientists and companies, working jointly and acting as an International engineering center on the application of high-tech materials for construction. A group of specialists started their work in 1992 and through mergers and expansions has now become a multi-functional international group based in the United States.
Russian colleagues of the company through us successfully work with a number of other companies in the Russian Federation and foreign countries specializing in those same areas.

Advanced Bio-Oil Technologies Limited (ABOT) is providing the various industries a platform to produce bio-oil at will using any supply of biodegradable carbon molecule. Whether it would be for the biodiesel industry, the cosmetic or pharmaceutical this process producing more and better bio-oils.
The biodegradable carbon molecule comes from any type of vegetation or waste refute and creates lipids of that species.
Facilities that produce biodiesel will no longer be at the mercy of agricultural crops for their feedstock. They will have the ability to get their feedstock from any agricultural waste that is available. The technologies can also use effluent waters that contain carbon molecules to produce lipids.

ZOLARIS A Licensed Pharmaceutical Company
To provide high-quality concentrated products, and to establish an innovative new brand with affordable prices.
To provide the highest quality active principle ingredients results for our customers.
To provide the most innovated Research and Development program, leading to a Drug Identification Number (DIN) or Natural Product Number (NPN)

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