boat shipping on Mafi trailer

Boat shipping on Mafi trailer

Our shipping partner – Licensed Freight Forwarder “E-Z  Cargo” is a leading intermediary in purchasing and delivering cars and special equipment from the USA to anywhere in the world.

We are providing high-quality service in the areas of ocean, air and inland freight to an array of clients in a wide range of industries. We have an extensive experience working with many clients in the CIS, Baltic and Arab countries.

Macgregor 26M in container


We are working with individuals and companies. We will arrange everything for you! No matter what size your cargo is, we can effectively manage the process from start to finish, including customs clearance and document preparation for government regulations.
Roll-on/Roll-off – A service more commonly known as RO/RO is the most standard way to ship a boat on a trailer. The boat and trailer are towed via a ramp to the underdeck level of the ship and safely secured with lashing. At the port of destination the boat is ready to tow away.

This service can also be used for cradled boats which are placed on a Mafi trailer for towing and transport on and off the ship. RO/RO has some limitations with size restriction but is generally recommended for the safety of your boat.

oversize boat transport

Oversize boat shipping

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